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  • Rose Quartz Chakra bracelet-Hand Picked Imports
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Rose Quartz Chakra bracelet

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Rose Quartz Chakra bracelet

Our Semi Precious Crystal Bracelets not only look beautiful but also it is believed Rose Quartz is the crystal worn for self-love, relationships are commonly known as the heart stone.

7 faceted gemstones representing the 7 chakra energy centers.
Amethyst - Crown Chakra 
Lolite - Brow Chakra 
Blue Topaz - Throat Chakra 
Peridot - Heart Chakra 
Tygers Eye- Solar Plexus Chakra 
Carnelian - Sacral Chakra 
Garnet - Base/ Root Chakra 
  • Size:10 mm15 Rose Quartz beads, 
  • 7 Chakra Stone Beads
  • Length around: approximately 19 cm