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  • Chakra Pendant (Meditation) w CZ Stones- 32mm-Hand Picked Imports
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Chakra Pendant (Meditation) w CZ Stones- 32mm

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Chakra Pendant (Meditation) w CZ Stones- 32mm

Beautifully designed Chakra Pendant in Seated Meditation Pose, featuring an appropriately coloured cubic zirconia stone representing each chakra.


Chakras are energy points aligned from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra corresponds with a physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. When these chakra points are out of balance, one experiences discomfort within these energy points which can manifest outwardly in our physical experience.


  • Material: Gypsy Bronze & 7 x CZ stones
  • Size: Long:30mm Wide: 32mm
  • Made In: India